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3dsMax in Motion Pictures

I've been lucky enough to have worked on a couple of feature films using 3dsMax & I've always wondered how many other films had effects created with it. After much looking on the net there didn't seem to be one place to find out, so I decided to create my own list. If you wish to link directly to this list please use this link

I'll keep adding more material & updating the list as I get it. So if you have worked on film using 3dsMax or have any comments please get in touch

Note: a film listed here with no details means I've seen claims made on discussion forums that 3dsMax was used but nothing has been found to to verify this.

Also a big thanks goes to all those who have contributed information & images etc.

Last update... 31st July 2005
Release dates are according to

Click on a film title for information about the film or click on the Details link for more information & images about what work was done.



Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
15 shots for the 'Marauder's Map'sequence and credits by Cinesite using 3dsMax & finalToon
Flight of the Phoenix
3ds Max and AfterBurn were used by CafeFX for dust storm shots
House of Flying Daggers
8 shots using 3dsmax by Iloura adding flying daggers in the bamboo forest sparring scene. Also 'Bean' sequence by Animal Logic 3D beans, sword, and bowl using 3ds Max + Vray.
Digital Dimension adding CG mud to cars before & after shots
Blade: Trinity
150 shots, with all the Vampire disintegration sequences by Digital Dimension using 3dsMax with Thinking Particles 2 , Mental Ray and Digtal Fusion
The Day After Tomorrow
Many shots by The Orphanage & Dreamscape Imagery
The Incredibles
Pixars 2nd unit created some 'digimattes' & backgrounds using 3ds max and Brazil
Exorcist: The Beginning
Work by Digital Dimension
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru-Nui
3ds Max was used in all of the environment pre-viz for the film. 8 establishing shots of the film and the opening sequence of the movie (16 shots) created using max 5 and combustion by Creative Capers Source: Duane Loose
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
70 shots by The Orphanage
Hell Boy
Work by The Orphanage creation of digital six packs of beer, exploding crystals, to Hellboy tails, to giant flying squids. Digital cars on ‘West Side Highway’ sequence & digital environments.
Matrix Reloaded
1 shot embellished using Afterburn, an overhead shot where the twins' SUV blows up - mostly live action explosion with Afterburn elements.
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
3ds Max and AfterBurn used by CafeFX
Inspector Gadget 2
The Italian Job
Frantic Films Pre-Vis & Post Production
Bulletproof Monk


Digital Dimension & Blur Studios
Frantic Films
The Last Samurai
48 Shots by Digital Dimension & other shots by Matte World Digital
Bionicle: Mask of Light
Entire opening sequence of the movie (21 shots) done in 3ds max and combustion in 6 weeks by by Creative Capers Source: Duane Loose
Far Side of the World
Unreleased - Asylum Visual Effects

George of the Jungle II

Final Destination 2
Digital Dimension Source: James Coulter
Coronado (Independent)
600 visual effects shots by Dreamscape Imagery with the production company Uncharted Territory
Digital Firepower created 2d/3d matte paintings
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course
Opening satelite sequence by Animal Logic
Corto Maltèse
Feature film adaptation of Corto Maltese in Siberia, originally a comic-strip based story created by Italian artist Hugo Pratt, produced by Ellipseanime, Animator Dominique Gantois used 3dsMax 2.5 with Afterburn & Illustrate on 120 shots.
The Core
Around 100 shots by Frantic Films & also Computer Cafe worked on some sequences using 3dsMax & Afterburn
Die Another Day
Switchblade glider sequence, digital extras & gliders done 3dsMax at Mill Film
Two Weeks Notice


One shot used 3dsMax for the main element of a matte painting by 7th Art Pictures
The Sin Eater
Pre-vis work by Mill Film
A Hídember (The Bridgeman)
Hungarian Film - 17 shots of CG crowds created with Max4 by Laszlo Sebo at Post Edison
Black Hawk Down

Around 20 shots adding CG tail smoke to helicopters by Mill Film & another 15 shots by Asylum Visual Effects

Reign of Fire
Digital Dimension - over 20 shots including a digital double of Matthew McConaughey
Bad Company
Around 10 shots by Asylum Visual Effects Source: Matt Merkovich
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever
Digital Dimension shots created Afterburn of rockets flying by and hitting a bus
Digital Dimension Source: James Coulter
K-19: The Widowmaker
Around 9 shots including a missile launch - Mill Film

Kaena (formerly known as Axis)

Unreleased - All CG animated film Chaman Productions
Avenging Angelo
Digital Dimension Source: James Coulter
Murder by Numbers
Single shot of a helicopter fly-in & zoom into a house on a cliff by Asylum Visual Effects Source: Matt Merkovich
Halloween: Resurrection
Digital Dimension Source: James Coulter

Minority Report

Over 90 shots by Asylum Visual Effects Source: Matt Merkovich
Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
The title sequence was completed for Big Idea using 3dsMax & Mental Ray
Hansel & Gretel
Unreleased - Digital Dimension -around 20 shots including a 'Smoke Witch' further details on Digital Dimension site
The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Unreleased - Mill Film
Bendito Fruto
Brazilian film with effects by Twister Studio - Taxi getting hit by a Manhole Cover


Computer Cafe - 3 shots of blood particles for Centuri U-Bomb extraction scene

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Mill Film 4/5 shots, adding CG people to model City & destroying the ancient city
The Legend of Zu
Digital Dimension Source: James Coulter
Dr. Dolittle 2
40 visual effects shots by CatNap FX
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Previsualisation only - Source: CGW article (requires registration)

Previsualisation & some Glass elements created with Havok - Millimeter Article

The Mummy Returns
Matte World Digital matte paintings & CG waterfalls.


Burn-ins showing trajectories and some motion graphics. Source: John Ployhar / Blackboxdigital
Cats & Dogs
Matte World Digital matte paintings & factory explosion. Source: discreet
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Matte World Digital matte paintings created for the 'Planet of the Apes' & 'Fugitive' references
Moulin Rouge
Source: discreet
Short Dutch horror movie, effects by Twisted Pictures check Stefan Radermakers' website for behind the scenes footage
no details
The Majestic
Matte World Digital matte paintings & opening sequence elements
Juwanna Mann
Digital Dimension Source: James Coulter


no details

Jeepers Creepers
28 Shots by E=mc2 & Max Inc Cafe 6 Shots were using 3dsMax
State of the Artist (Independent film)
Digital Dimension
Second Time Around

Hong Kong action film. Max was used in two all CG shots involving a floating car and a large churning cloud.

Le Peuple migrateur
CG birds - French Documentary about migrating birds. Source F. Girodot
Quo Vadis
Polish Film - 30 shots with 3dsMax by Platige Image
Planet of the Apes
Screen shots and burn-ins showing trajectories paths in space. Source: John Ployhar/Blackboxdigital

Joe Dirt

Burn through effect between scenes used Max and Phoenix. Source: John Ployhar/Blackboxdigital
35+ Shots by Digital Dimension (& also Red Gypsy) using 3dsmax and Mental Ray
Crow : The Salvation
3ds MaX R3 was used to do slow motion of Buckshot from a shotgun as well as CG fire effects.

Battlefield Earth

Particle effects for Learning Machine sequence by Computer Cafe 2 shots done by Digital Firepower - the virtual flythrough scene when they were training in the simulator & the exterior shot of the simulator revving up

Dungeons & Dragons
Architectural design, 3d creation, and multipass composite of Council Hall building shot by Digital Firepower

Pitch Black

Mill Film details soon
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
Opening Titles by Rezn8

Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man

2 shots of an Exploding Book, Clouds and smoke
Matte World Digital matte paintings & 3D environments

Dracula 2000

Computer Cafe - Around 6 shots of various volumetric smoke effects using Afterburn
Villa-Lobos - Uma Vida de Paixão
Brazilian film with effects by Twister Studio 2 shots are of a huge Brazilian Flag, made up of coloured Balloons using particles.

Vertical Limit

3dsMax used for Snow Elements
IMAX film, Rezn8 used 3dsMax for a 2 minute all CG sequence -
Highlander: Endgame
30 shots involving mostly lightning and aura effects using 3dsMax by Red Gypsy.
Nobody Knows
2 digital effects shots of JFK's 707 Air Force One
Chicken Run
Animatics & Previs using 3dsMax& Illustrate -
Help I'm a Fish
All 3d scenes by A. Film A/S


Snow, River & Bird elements by Mill Film
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut
Blur Studio - sequence of Kenny descending into hell
Fever - independent film by Alex Winter ( of 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'). 3ds Max R3 Beta was used for several shots showing decayed flesh appearing on the walls and the Outburst plugin was used for smoke effects.
13th Floor
Digital people for empty streets
Snow On New Year's Eve (Schnee in der Neujahrsnacht)
German Film - digital rockets and a 3d balloon crash sequence include cloth simulation done with 3dsMax
Launch sequence effects - by Computer Cafe details & Matte World Digital worked on the Paris aftermath shot
Lost in Space
Magic Camera Company
Mighty Joe Young
various elements including a a CG helicopter by Matte World Digital
Deep Rising
Digested Billy sequence by Blur Studios
Source: discreet
Great Expectations
Architectural shot by Matte World Digital
The Truman Show
Various elements by Matte World Digital


no details

Starship Troopers

5 shots (1 cut but on the DVD) by Jim Lammers at Trinity Animation

Conceiving Ada

Virtual sets, CGI Mecical Bird

Previsualization only
3D elements for the talons that retracted into Spawn's hand (just after he punches out a dumpster)
Black Dawn
HUD display on a hi-tech U.S. Army helmet that gets stolen by drug lords. The Ayres Group
3ds Max was used for the visualization of the alien plans where the pages fold together to show the message.
The Craft
Sony Pictures Imageworks. Frank Foster's 3ds R4 DOS group did the CG butterflies sequence, they created an .RLA render plugin so they could render to film format with 16-bits per channel.

Jungle Boy

Martin Foster. Talking leopard, 6 shots of 3d jaw replacement
About 100 shots include Big screen and computer screen animations for on-set playback, nanotech world, blood and transformations, talking holographic head. Metrolight Studios
Set extension elements by Matte World Digital

Johnny Mnemonic

Sony Pictures Entertainment
"For the technically complex elevator shaft sequences in the 1994 film Speed, director Jan de Bont uses 3D Studio onset to experiment with lenses and demonstrate intricate camera moves to his motion control camera operator " Discreet Website
Wilder Napalm
"Sony Pictures Imageworks bids on its first computer-generated title sequence for the film Wilder Napalm. Imageworks gets the green light thanks to the cost effectiveness of 3D Studio and its "Melt" plug-in." Discreet Website
Striking Distance
"Sent on location as an onset pre-visualization tool for the action feature film Striking Distance, 3D Studio DOS is a hit, and Hollywood filmmakers begin to warm to computer-generated pre-visualisation." Discreet Website
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