Hello & welcome to Webpage of Kieron Helsdon - a Visual Effects artist from the UK.

On location for Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco

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September 2007 - Curent - Lighting TD - Double Negative (London) - Hellboy 2

Febuary 2007 - August 2007 - Senior Previs Artist - Double Negative (London & Budapest, Korda Studios) - Hellboy 2

August 2006 - November 2006 - CG Supervisor - Moving Picture Company (London) - CG Supervisor on Sunshine
June 2005 - July 2006 - Lighting Supervisor - Moving Picture Company (London) - Lighting Supervisor on Sunshine
May 2005 - May 2005 - 3D Previs Artist - Moving Picture Company (London & Ealing Studios) - Working on previs sequences for the Da Vinci Code & Soul of the Age
March 2005 - May 2005 - 3D VFX Artist - Moving Picture Company (London) - Working on teaser trailer for Poseidon. Modelling, texturing, Lighting TD using Maya, Renderman, Photoshop & Shake.
June 2004 - February 2005 - 3D VFX Artist - Moving Picture Company (London) - Working on feature film Kingdom of Heaven doing modelling, texturing, Lighting & Pipeline TD using Maya, Renderman, Photoshop & Shake.
February 2004 - May 2004 - 3D Previs Artist - Moving Picture Company (Morocco) - Working as a previs artist with the Visual Effects department on location in Morocco for the feature film Kingdom of Heaven
February 2003 - February 2004 - 3D VFX Artist - Moving Picture Company (London) - Working on feature film Troy doing modelling, texturing, layout & lighting TD using Photoshop, DeepPaint, Shake, Maya & Renderman.
December 2003 - 3D Artist - Freelance - Working for Attic Media on a Jimmy Neutron Shockwave 3D game, designed & modelled Spaceship plus 4 levels using 3dsMax
November 2002 to January 2003 - 3D VFX Artist - Freelance - Working on Mindhunters, completed particle animation on Pier Explosion using 3dsMax, Pyrorcluster & Thinking Particles & Pre-vis.
September 2002 - Graphic Designer for furniture pack promotion material for Conran Shop Contracts
March 2002 to September 2002 - 3D VFX Artist - Mill Film (Soho) - Freelance. Working on Harry Potter 2, using Photoshop, DeepPaint, Shake, 3de, Maya & Renderman - texturing, lighting & tracking. Also completed pre-vis animation, modelling & texturing for a re-entry sequence on Tomb Raider 2
August 2001 to December 2001 - 3D VFX Artist - Mill Film (Soho) - Freelance. Spent one week texturing with Deep Paint on Harry Potter (Chess Sequence) & the rest working on Black Hawk Down. Created hi-res Texture maps in Photoshop & Maya for Black Hawk Helicopters & also animated & rendered 15 tail smoke shots during the crash sequences.
March 2000 to May 2001 - 3D VFX Artist - Mill Film (Shepperton Studios) - Freelance. Worked with 3dsMax & various plugins (Pro Optic Suite, Thinking Particles, Particle Studio, Phoenix, Afterburn, final Render & Scene Genie) on film projects. Mumbo Jumbo (5 particle/flare shots), Pluto Nash (chase sequence on the moon) worked on Pre-vis for a Chase Sequence & around 65 shots, producing explosions & particle animation. Proof of Life worked (tracking & 3D) on 2 shots (cut sequence), completed 2 shots (tracking & snow elements) for Chocolat & 1 shot (city being destroyed) for Tomb Raider.
January 2000 to February 2000 - 2D Texture Artist - Moving Picture Company (London) - Freelance. Worked as a 2D texture artist on a CG (Maya & Renderman) pilot for a Captain Scarlet TV series overseen by Gerry Anderson. Produced, using Photoshop & Deep Paint 3D, a large quantity of high quality texture maps, including textures for main character heads, clothes, vehicles & some sets.
September 1999 to October 1999 - 3D VFX Artist - Double Negative (London) - Freelance. Worked as a 3D visual effects artist on '10th Kingdom', a 10 hour mini-series broadcast on NBC & Sky One. Produced 'magic green smoke' particle animation for 25 shots using PyroCluster & 3dsMax 2.5.
July 1999 to September 1999 - 3D VFX Artist - Pepper's Ghost Productions (London) - Freelance. Worked under Alan Marques in a team of 8 for the pilot episode of Tiny Planets produced for Children's Television Workshop. Created various particle animations, dust clouds, water effects & sunbeam effects. Used 3dsMax 2.5, ProOpticSuite, Chameleon, Matterwaves, Shag:Fur plug-ins.
March 1999 to June 1999 - 3D VFX Artist - Carnival Films (Pinewood Studios) - Freelance. Worked as a freelance 3D visual effects artist on '10th Kingdom'. Produced pre-viz particle animations, model builds and 3D camera tracking data. Also beta tested Matterwaves and ProOpticSuite for 3dsMax plug-in developer Cebas.
November 1998 to February 1999 - 3D VFX Artist - Pepper's Ghost Productions (London) - Freelance. Worked under Alan Marques in a team for an in house TV animation project called 'The Ballad of Simply Dunn'. Produced particle animations for pyrotechnics (explosions & fires), environmental effects (clouds & smoke) & a space ship 'ram field power up & power down effect'. Using 3dsMax 2.5, ProOpticSuite & PyroCluster plug-ins.
1995 to November 1998 - 3D Artist - Eidos Interactive (London) - Full Time. Working for internal development at Eidos Interactive on City of Thieves for 4 months during concept stage. Produced intranet for organisation of creative & research resources, developed character design & game level concept artwork, produced prototype special effects and environment animations, contributed to the development of the game design document.
Worked in a large team as an artist on Deathtrap Dungeon a full 3D 3rd person action/adventure game, for PC and Playstation formats. Designed and produced hi-resolution Front-end graphics in 5 languages for Deathtrap on PC and PSX. On Deathtrap I worked on a variety of special effect elements, from initial design to final production of all special effects, from explosions to weapon effects. Developed in game camera placement and contributed to the development of the camera tools. Assisting in the development of the in game camera. Other duties on Deathtrap included font designs, flame effects, producing desktop theme/icons, installation graphics, web graphics, magazine walk through level renders, in game map objects, low polygon modelling and texturing, enhanced/stylised in game video footage, Asylum logo animation and hidden credits screen.

June 1994 to April 1995 - Graphic Artist - Strange Software (London) - Full Time. Developed interface graphics for cover disks and CD-ROM's for PC Magazine, PC Direct and Computer Life. Designed and produced various screen savers for cover disks and CD-ROM. Designed interface for the disk based version of the Computer Users Year Book 1995. Other duties include interface design, background design, sprite design and animation, icon/button/cursor design, video capture, scanning and 3D rendered work.